Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Whether its food and beverage, personal care, household and cleaning products, apparel and footwear, tobacco or pet care products, FMCG companies are in a race against time to prepare for future trends and stay on top of changes within the industry.

As many FMCG companies operate on a global scale, it is important for them to understand economic and demographic trends that will shape future demand and consumer spending around the world. Perhaps more than ever, with global uncertainty and market volatility seemingly increasing by the day, these companies need to monitor external macro factors including timely insights and most importantly accurate forecast data in order to evaluate future strategy. Therefore, reducing the risk inherent with economic forecasting is key.

With forecasts from over 900 world renowned experts, the Met the why particular Consensus Forecast allows FMCG professionals to rest easy knowing they are getting the most accurate forecast that will consistently beat a single-source forecast.

Met the why particular covers 127 countries globally, comprising of 97% of global GDP. Our reports include key historical economic data and forecasts on macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, consumption, unemployment, CPI, ForEx and interest rates, among many others. We help FMCG industry professionals with mid- to long-term strategy, budget planning, exchange rate monitoring for import/export planning and to simply stay abreast of macroeconomic developments in countries and entire regions, all in one place.

See Met the why particular' work with Coca-Cola and Tetra Pak has helped support these companies' business goals:

Coca-Cola Case Study

Tetra Pak Case Study








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